Evaluate - Create - Optimise

Get Pitch Perfect



What kind of investment has happened with competitors, how did they gain that investment and what strategy did they use.

Learning from others in the room and viewing case studies


From the research we do in step one we can start to create the deck and ensure the deck is as aligned with the business as possible but also as investor-friendly as possible. This means that certain things you think will be different from an investor - we want to ensure that the deck has the investor in mind.


So we have researched the industry, seen what others have done, created and tweaked your deck, practised your public speaking element and given you the confidence to pitch your business.

Now it's time to plan. So now we develop a three-month plan of implementation that are related to your goals that will ensure you are picking up further momentum and create the results you are wanting.

The Organizers

Steven Haggerty

Founder of Founders Incubator and business coach to Founders. Steven brings his knowledge from helping his clients go through investment rounds, getting them stage ready along with the strategy creation he does with every client.

Mystery Guest

We will have a mystery guest who will be advising on the legal side of investing.

09:30 - Arrival & Introductions

Arrive for 9:30, meet the other founders in the room, 

10:30 - 12:30

We begin to evaluate your current pitch deck, dig into the research section and begin to create your public speaking pitch. 

1:15 - 5:30

After lunch we start to make the changes and create the strategy so you leave with a implementable plan of action. 

Join us

£ 97
  • Full Day
  • Lunch included
  • You leave with a strategy